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Lecture 8

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Classical Studies
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Beate Gundert

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Treatment by Regimen 02/02/12 10:45 AM #86 p41 #89-92 p42 #82 p39 #83, 84 p40 #94 p43 #95 p43 #97 p44 interaction between fluid and solid parts of the body solid parts have certain shape that lets them attract fluids, keep them or pass them on blood, bile and phlegm •health is a balance, disease happens when you upset the balance •regimen includes food and drink, lifestyle, sleeping patterns, sexual ac- tivity •treatment to restore the balance •when a change has happened to bring about an opposite change •physician’s first task is to support the body, and the “nature of the pa- tient” = the patient’s body •the body wants to re-establish balance by getting rid of the harmful material by cooking it inside the body = fever •or the harmful material has to be evacuated out of the body •physician needs to stabilize the patient to facilitate nature’s tendency to get rid of the harmful substance and restore balance •strengthen patients body or at least not weaken it Treatment by regimen, drugs, the hand (surgery) •present in the Hippocratic writings Regimen is the mildest form of treatment •more recent development •some Hippocratic authors have made certain discoveries in the treat- ment by regimen •one author said there would be no need for medicine if sick people would benefit from the same regimen that healthy people do •problem: sick people cannot eat healthy people food because it is too hard for them to deal with •abdomen needs to cook the strong food •sick person not strong enough for this so their food must be weakened #86 p41 last paragraph •before the crisis the patient does not have the strength to cook food because they do not have a fever yet th th •crisis (and coction) occurs either on the 4 or the 7 day •probably due to experiences with malaria – generalize this to all dis- eases that all crises come at the same time in disease progression •acute diseases are characterized by a high fever (pneumonia) •either have a fever and die, or have coction and it will kill the disease and they will live •should either not give any food until the crisis, or give food that is very easily digested •barley gruel “tisane” (Greek, derivative of the French word for herbal tea) •given at the beginning before the crisis •to strengthen the patient and counteract the disease •if the patient has a longer disease characterized by attack and remis- sion, give the strengthening food in the remissions at a time furthest away from the crisis Tisane •tisane is strengthening food that also counteracts the disease •food can cool, dry, moisten, act as a laxative, binding effect, promote sweat, promote expectoration •choose those foods that would counteract the disease •patient with fever – give food that cools the body •diarrhea – binding effect foods •during the crisis don’t give any kind of treatment Discovery that a physician might be able to discern the first signs of a disease before the disease breaks out •usually a fever is the first sign of a disease •can be measured by feeling the patient for warmth •can find out whether patient has lost balance in his body before the fever breaks out •most important balance is between too much and not enough food •food nourishes the body •exercise depletes the body •both are necessary, need to have a constant balance Use food to counteract different factors that have influence on the body •the seasons •also have relation to the qualities: owinters are cold and moist osummers are warm and dry ospring transitional season gets warmer and drier ofall transitional season getting colder an
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