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Computer Science
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Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

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Introduction to HTML  First mark-up language of the World Wide Web (WWW)  Used to deliver content on the web  Open standard (W3C – WWW Consortium)  Readability (easy to read in English)  Portability (Used on any browser, system)  Instructions: Tags  Predefined Tags o Controls how the text is displayed o Insert images into documents o Insert links to other documents  Normally occurring in pairs o A pair of tags surround the content wished to be changed o Start tag: indicated with the angle bracket o End tag: indicated with a slash after the opening angle bracket  NOT case sensitive  CAN be nested if done properly  EXAMPLE (Covers the entire document) (contains browser information) (what to show in the tab portion of the document) (Body) (contains content and associated presentation) Specific Heading Tags  Heading Tags o Specially used for headings o Six possible heading levels (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6), H1 being the largest o Automatically creates a space under and above the heading  Formatting Tags o - Italics o - Bold o - Underline  Layout Tags o - Centers the text o - New Paragraph starts o - Break, new line starts o - Horizontal rule, line drawn across  Image Tags o Adds an image, if it is found in the same database o is not required o Any format of image can be used (GIF / JPG / BMP) o EXAMPLE: Table Tags  - Mark the beginning and end of a table declaration  - Attribute controls the width of the table (normal width #1)  - Declare one row of a table  = Declare one column within a row of a table  EXAMPLE Row 1, Cell 1 Row 1, Cell 2 Row 1, Cell 3 Row 2, Cell 1 Row 2, Cell 2 Row 2, Cell 3 Row 1, Cell 1 Row 1, Cell 2 Row 1, Cell 3 Row 2, Cell 1 Row 2, Cell 2 Row 2, Cell 3 List Tags  Ordered (Marked with numbers and letters) o - Main ordered list tag o - List item tag indicates the items on the lists o Lists are ordered by numbers (1,2,3,4) by default o TYPE Parameter to control the list number / letters  “A” - Letters (A,B,C,D)  “a” - Lowercase letters (a,b,c,d)  “I” - Roman numerals (I,II,III,IV)  “i” - Lower case roman numerals (i,ii,iii,iv)  Unordered (Marked with bullets) o - Main unordered list tag o - List item tag indicates the items on the list o TYPE Parameter to control the bullet shapes  “Disc” – Filled bullets  “Circle” – Open bullets  “Square” –
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