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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B

Jan 8&10 Internet Protocols & Uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – SMTP (Email) File Transfer Protocol – FTP (File Transfer) HTTP (WWW or HTML) E-Commerce Architecture Database stores the information not the server Server goes out to database to get information (info is constantly changing) SQL – Structure Query Language Databases give current info about products Web Pages Encoded in HTML  Tags used to define data element  Hyperlinks point to other Web pages  Heading provides data about page  Body contains conent Transmitted by Web servers Used by browsers  Processes HTTP protocol  Browser receives and displays document  Transmits responses Markup Languages HTML markup languages tells us what to do with the text that is contained within the file and how to display it in the browser Annotations to text – instructions on how text is to be displayed/used Types:  Presentational – looking at file should be able to recognize what type  Procedural – type setting  Descriptive – puts tags around content and describe what that piece of text is o GML/SGML o HTML/XHTML o XML Hyper Text Markup Language First markup language of the WWW Used to deliver content on the web Open standard (W3C – World Wide Web Consortium) Readability Easy of use Portability Structure of an HTML File (Hyper Text Markup Language) File contains:  Tags (instruction) tell the browser what they should be doing (bolding, underlining) o presentation  Content – paragraph, title not an instruction HTML Tags Predefined tags  Control how the text is displayed  Insert images into the document  Insert links to other documents HTML tags normally occur in pairs A pair of tags surrounds the content Start tag – indicated with angle brackets: End tag – indicated with a slash after the opening bracket Tags are NOT case sensitive ( = ) Document Tags Start document and end document with  Head tag and o Setting fonts, styles – important to displaying but not that the user needs to see  Body and content is included in body tag and o Bolding, centering, etc. Basic HTML Structure Head: Basic HTML Structure Browser bar or into the tab Heading Tags 6 heading levels H1-6 Largest = H1 Smallest = H6 To create a heading, enclose the text btwn the opening and closing tags for the heading level My Webpage Heading command knows to create a new line
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