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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B

Assignment ` - Jan 30 6 pm  Word – requirements as specified  HTML documents (text file) o Requirements as specified o Published web page  XML, schema & document (text file)  Text files: o Windows: notepad o MAC TextEdit (plain text option and then exit)  Resave it as the code rather than change it Tables in HTML  & mark the beginning and end of a table declaration  Attribute BORDER o Controls the width of the table border o Normal border = 1 o If omitted table displayed without a border  Tables declared one row at the time o Enclosed in & tags TR = row o Contains one or more cell declarations  Cells specified with &  Content inside the TD tags are displayed as the content of the cell 2 rows and 3 columns Cell definitions = 3 columns/row Lists  Ordered o Marked with numbers/letters  Unordered o Marked with bullets Ordered List  & tags  Within tag o List item, tag indicates the items on the list o Number list by default (1,2,3,4…) o Don’t need a closing LI  TYPE parameter controls the list numbers/letters o “A” – letters (A,B,C,D) o “a” – lowercase letters (a,b,c,d…) o “I” – Roman Numbers (I, II, III, IV, …) o “i” – lowercase roman numbers (i, ii, iii, iv…) Heading and List leaves a line before and afterwards then you don’t need to add a break Unordered List  & tags  Within tag o List item tag indicates the items on the list  TYPE parameter controls the list bullets o o Disc – solid disc (default) o Circle – hollow circle o Square – solid square symbol Creating an HTML  In Notepad type HTML code  “Save as”: with an HTM/HTML extension o Example: my.html  Start browser (eg. IE)  Click file  open  Click browse, locate and open HTML file  File will be displayed in browser  “Publishing” file on a web server – allows others to see it Learning from other WebPages  View page in browser (IE)  Click view  source o Will show html source codes  Click file  save o To save the page and images on your PC HTML Editors  MS Word documents can be saved as html o But does not have access to the more advanced HTML features: Animations, Forms, Scripting  Dreamweaver & Frontpage o Generates HTML and Javascript code  Text Editors o Used to help control HTML code If permissions not set properly, will return an error  Reactivate your personal web page  Set permissions properly with Winscp Ensure permissions correct (right click – owner, group and world) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Standard of formats for common business documents Provides for the exchanging of documents (me and you, not everyone else) Used in point-to-point exchanges Now can be used over the Internet XML & Data Exchange eXtensible Markup Language  Offers advantages over other methods  Developed by W3C (same as HTML) Not dependent on any hardware/software (independent) XML files Does not do anything (HTML takes what you ask the browser to display) Importance: Enables data sharing Can be used on the Web XML Allows interaction btwn:  Independent computer systems  Different operating systems Allows independent systems to interact with one another  Defining data (structure, syntax & type)  Validating, interpreting & processing data No standards (tags are created as you wish to create the tags, unlike HTML where stands for bold) Applications may be written in any programming language Integration of applications Organization/Industry can define tags for their specific data  Examples: o Supplier name o Contract number Using XML in Business XML can improve efficiencies  Structure defined in an XML schema document  Documents created in XML  Information sent is validated against schema  Schema may be published on the Web o Granting access to all businesses to allow them to validate documents received Examples of XML Industry Standards Financial Reporting  XBRL, General Ledgers  XBRL GL, eContracts Business Narrative  BNML, Insurance  ACORD, Human Resources  HR-XML, XML site – XML Uses Data transfer and something else… Can share information without having to rewrite it XML Web Services Web Services  Most software vendors support XML  Standards that facilitate distributed computing o Use the Internet o Tool for application interaction  Allows programs to access each other remotely o No need to develop proprietary system  Data transmitter in XML documents o XML schemas defined o Automatic validation XML – descriptive markup language (similar to HTML) Simple ‘easy’ format XML  Document Type Definition (DTD) – no data o (just definition, structure, and validation)  XML Schema  Document (data) Text file with tags  Similar format to HTML  No predefined tags because we create them XML Document XML tags  Define data (structure, syntax & type) Metadata (text)  Data about the data 1 line, XML declarati
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