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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B

Intro to Excel Which of the following software applications is considered the first “killer application”? Spreadsheets Visico Spreadsheets  Rectangular table/grid of info (financial info)  “Spread”  o Newspaper/magazine item that covers 2 facing pages o Extends across the center fold o Treating the two pages as one large one  “Spread-sheet” o Format for bookkeeping ledgers o Columns for categories of expenditures, across the top o Invoiced listed down the margin o Amounts of payments in the cell where row and column intersect Columns designated with letters Rows designated with numbers Cell referenced by column (letter), then row (number), ie. B4 Formula always begins with an = sign Current cell surrounded by heavy border Types of Cell Entries  Constant o Entry that does not change o Can be a numeric value or descriptive text  Function o Predefined computational task  Formula o Combo of numeric constants, cell references, arithmetic operators & functions o Always begins with an equal sign (=) Intro to MS Excel  Common user interface (MS Applications) o Menus and toolbars similar to Word and PPT  Excel document o Workbook  Contains 1+ worksheets Display Cell Formulas Use CTRL key and ~ to toggle btwn displaying cell values and formulas The cell at the intersection of the second column and third row is cell B3. Relative and Absolute Addressing  A feature of spreadsheet software is the automatic update of formula during replication commands  The automatic update of formula during replication allows the user to enter the formula once and then replicate variations of the formula in other cells Filling Formulas  Fill function creates similar formulas  New formulas reference different cells than the original formula  The formula uses relative cell addressing, which keeps the relative position of the formula and the cells it references intact  Select the “handle” for filling formulas Cell Referencing  Absolute reference – remains constant when copied  Relative reference – adjusts during a copy operation  Mixed reference – row/column is absolute and other is relative Relative Addresses  Default address mode  Assume A5 contains =B23*D9-K12  Cells B23, D9, and K12 have a position relative to the cell containing the formula, A5 o Example, cell D9 is 4 rows below cell A5 and 3 columns to the right of cell A5  Formula in A5 (=B23*D9-K12) copied to cell B6 o B6 would contain =C24*E10-L13 o Formula copied 1 row down and 1 column to the right o Every cell address in the formula has “1” added to its row and column designators Absolute Addresses  Used when a cell reference must NOT change during replication  If a row and/or column designator must not change during replication it is prefixed with the “$” character  Formula in A5, =$B23*D$9-$K$12 copied to cell B6 o B6 would contain =$B24*E$9-$K$12  Absolute parts did not change o $B in the first term o $9 in the second term o $K$12 in the third term Formula containing the reference = D$5 is copied to a cell one column over and two rows down. How will the entry appear in its new location? =E$5 Given that cell E6 contains the formula =B6*B$12+C6*$C$12. What will be the formula in cell E7 if the contents of the cell E6 are copied to that cell? =B7*$B$12+C7*$C$12 If today is Tuesday and it is February then I will bake an apple pie otherwise I will bake a pumpkin pie  What values can (today is Tuesday) be? True or false  AND = Boolean operator  Today is Tuesday AND it is February = Boolean expression IF (salary >100000) THEN I will go to Hawaii, OTHERWISE I will go to Kitchener  Greater than = relational operator Excel – Functions Boolean Expressions  We use Boolean expressions everyday  Boolean expressions are part of our decision making process  We use: o Boolean variables o Relational operators o Boolean operators  Example: o If my bank balance is greater than or equal to $20.00 and I have my ATM card then I can withdraw $20.00 o Boolean variable – I have my ATM card o Relational operator – is greater than or equal to o Boolean operator – and Boolean Variables  There are two Boolean variables o “true” and “false”  Boolean variable o Represent only one of these values  In the example o “I have my ATM card” is either “true” or it is “false” Relational Operators  Relational operators o Yield Boolean results (‘true’ or ‘false’)  There are six relational operators o Equal to = o Not equal to <> o Less than < o Less than of equal to <= o Greater than > o Greater than or equal to >= Boolean Operators  Three commonly used Boolean operators  NOT, AND, OR o NOT  Complements results of a Boolean expression o AND  Combines two Boolean expressions o OR  Combines two Boolean expressions NOT Operator  NOT operator proceeds expression it is applied to  If expression is true then NOT operator yields false  If expression is false then NOT operator yields true  Examples: o NOT raining o NOT age >=19 o NOT (age >= 19 OR income =19) in Excel Boolean Expressions in Excel  The expre
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