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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B

Chapter 5DatabaseContent Management AssignmentER diagram Access database March 20thContentRelated to intellectual property o Form of creative endeavor that can be protected through a trademark patent copyright industrial design or integrated circuit topographyVaries by industryOrganizations may store o Data o Documents o Spreadsheets o Presentations o Web pages o Text from blogs and discussion boards o Graphics o Video files o Audio filesChallenge is NOT collecting but distributing and presenting the contentOrganizing ContentContent mgmt challenge o Processing and storing the right content o Getting the right content to the right person in the right format at the right timeContent MgmtManagement of content data o Database mgmt systems DBMSEffectively and efficiently storingprocessing dataPresentation of content o Content mgmt system CMSOrg documentsSeek out document and org accessWhen an employee wants to place some content on the orgs website the have to access the CMSLocated on the companys website server o Employees then loads the raw content into the web CMS system CMS help manage each step of this process and enables a company to standardize the look and feel of a website and control the info available to customers and employeesActively seek out documents located across an org and automatically manage access to this content Spreadsheet vs DatabaseKeeping track of things o Spreadsheetskeep lists of single conceptDatabases o Keep lists that involve multiple themesSpreadsheet records simple list of student grades Database records student grades emails and office visits Relational DatabaseConceptually simpleEasy to understandRelationships arent predefinedDatabase can evolve as requiredRelationships are implied in the dataA DatabaseSelfdescribing collection of integrated records A group of similar rows or records is called a table or file Database is a collection of tablesrelationships among the rows in those tablesspecial data metadata that describes the structure of the databaseHierarchy of Data ElementsRows are groups into tables Relationships Among RecordsA keycolumngroup of columns that identifies a unique row in a table o Should not have repeated valuesEvery table must have a key o Sometimes more than one column is needed to form a unique identified city needs city and province cause the same city name can appear in more than one provincePrimary keys o Columns that identify unique row in table o Unique identifies in each table o Each table has a keyForeign keys o Primary Keys from a different tableRelational database o Databases using tables primary keysforeign keys
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