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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Vivi Tryphonopolous

lecture 5 Computer Network • Network: a group of interconnected computers (connected by wires ,wirelessly ,or satellites ) • Network configurations :group of millions of computers around the world that are all connected to one another The Internet • Internet: a global system of interconnected networks that use the Standardized Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)to serve billions of users worldwide • A network of networks • The Internet is hardware ,not software • The World Wide Web: software that runs on the Internet • Uses TCP/IP A standard protocol Rules for the format and transmission of data TCP • At the sending end Takes large chunk of data and breaks into small packets • At the receiving end Detects lost packets Rearranges and reassembles the packets • Packet:a small group of bytes consisting of... Header (usually 64 bytes) o Destination ,source Body (512 bytes) o Actual message IP • IP= Internet Protocol • Picksa route for a packet ,stopping at routers which pick the next best machine/network to send the packet to • If communication line is down/broken D sends the message back to TCPand tries a different route • All computers on the Internet need to be identifiable IPAddress • Identifies each computer or device connected to the internet • Consists of 4 numbers with dots between them • Eachnumber ranges from 1-255 (ex: • IPaddresses are not geographical Summary • TCPbreaks webpage into packets of bytes • TCPfigures out IP address of where it wants to send the packets (destination ) • TCPfigures out IP address of where the packet is coming from (source) • Sends off each packet to first machine (IP address) on the route -does not re-plan route • Packet stops at first machine ,likely a router ,th
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