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Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Vivi Tryphonopolous

"*- Lecture6 Setting up a Website 1. Planning & Designing Meeting with clientD info gathering ,ask questions and listen Define business requirements Decide on colours ,fonts ,backgrounds ,links 2. Implementation Who will the maintainer be? Straight HTML programming vs.Web page software? Complexity KISSprinciple Effective design techniques- CRAP Test in different browsers Documentation 3. Publish Web space Use FTPsoftware (File Transfer Protocol ) Upload once site is ready *Back up your files* 4. Maintenance Who is the maintainer? - training Update frequently Documentation Backup your information Designing for the Web o Web Page HTML Computer instructions used to create web page o WebSite Collection of web pages created and maintained by an organization/individual o WebServer A computer that stores web pages and makes them available for people to see on the Internet o Web Browser HTML =hyper text mark-up language Computer instructions read by browser HTML tags: , browser title bar '*- Lecture7 Website Design & Searching o HTMLTables & Dreamweaver Tablesare made up of rows and columns Cell= where row meets columns Canhold any kind of data Nested table= table inside another table Tablescan be expressed in terms of percentage or pixels o Percentage=% of the browser,not entire screen o Pixels= resolution of screen o Publishing your website FTPsoftware o Marketing your Website Try to make your website be in the first ten listed on searchengine o Di
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