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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Vivi Tryphonopolous

Lecture8 Animation • What is animation? A sequence of images that create the illusion of movement when played in succession • Why use animation? Easierto show someone how something works then trying to explain it Animation: o Indicated movement o Illustrates change over time o Visualize 30 objects o Attracts attention • How does animation work? Simulation of movement Dseries of pictures that have objects in slightly different positions Eachdrawing is called a frame (a snapshot of what's happening at a particular moment ) Frame rate:indicated the playback speed of the animation in frames per second 2-D Animation • Cell animation (also called traditiona lanimation ,classical animation ,hand-drawn animation, frame by frame animation ) Animator must draw every single frame by hand Snow white= first full length animated cell based movie (1937) • Pathbasedanimation Pick: o a starting
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