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Lecture 2

Week 2

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Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Pamela Glatt

COMP SCI – WEEK 2 Multimedia • media and content that uses a combination of different content forms • combination of moving still pictures, sound, music, and words, especially in computers or entertainment Reasons you would leave a website instead of investing more time into it • unorganized • flashy letters • advertisements • frustrating navigation • following external links • slow loading We communicate via the 5 senses • sight and sound are utilized in multimedia Multimedia appplication • an application that can be used to present text, sound, video, images, and animation Multimedia uses • to inform • to educate • to sell and run businesses • to entertain Multimedia features • several components are used in combination with the following features ◦ interactivity—different from watching TV ▪ “Inter”-within ▪ user has control over the application ▪ experience is active rather than passive, like TV ◦ hyperlinking—don't do everything in linear fashion ▪ “Hyper”-moving around fast ▪ index allows for jumping around sections ▪ web pages have hyperlinks to other web pages or other locations on the same page ▪ Examples: Medium | Linear (Sequential) | Nonlinear (Can jump around) Sound | Old cassette Tape | CD Video | VHS | DVD Computer based multimedia applications • making a wesbite: integrate various media components and allow interactivity and hyperlinking • modes of delivery: World wide web, CD/DVD, info kiosk, game boxes, hand-held devices • which should you use? | CD/DVD | World Wide Web Access Time | much faster | slower with old dial up (How long will | | it take the user | GOOD | BAD to get the | | application) | | Ability to change | must re-burn and | edit quickly the content | distribute all new | | ones BAD | GOOD • when creating, you will need ◦ Development Systems: ▪ literally developing ▪ systems used by a multimedia developer to create applications ◦ User Systems: ▪ literally using ▪ systems used to play back/view/user the multimedia application Required equipment • microphone • speakers/headphones • camera • video camera • fast processor • lots of storage capacity • DVD burner • sound and video cards Ways to communicate • telegrams • posters • newspapers • mall • other people • radio • TV • internet—why better than previous options? ◦ larger audience ◦ fast/cheap ◦ usually current Area with most people • Asia Most internet users • Asia Smallest/least internet users • Australia Difference between WWW and Internet • WWW--piece of software that runs on the internet (ex. Microsoft word) • Internet—physical part: wires, nuts, bolts Where are the earliest drawings/paintings by humans that were discovered? • France Which time period was the first permanent photograph ever taken? • Between 1810-1840 First motion picture ever recorded? • Between 1880-1890 First full length movies with syched dialogue? • The Jazz Singer Movie that had both black and white as well as colour? • Wizard of Oz Name of predecessor to the Internet? • Arpanet Who invented WWW? • Tim Berners-Lee Very first graphical browser for WWW? • Mosaic First band to give concert over Internet? • Rolling Stones First full length film completely computer generated? • Toy Story What application revolutionized/irritated music industry in 1999? • Napster When did digital camera become fairly accessible/affordable to public? • 1996 Great moments in multimedia history --Before 1800s? • 1450—Gutenburg invents movable type, allowing mass production of books • 1702—England's first daily newspaper starts publishing --Between 1800-1900 • 1814—Joseph Niepce achieves first photographic image • 1837—Louis Daguerre invents the first practical form of photographic reproduction • 1858—Europe and North America are linked via transatlantic telegraph cable • 1877—Thomas Edison invents phonograph • 1877—Eadweard Muybridge invents high speed photography, creating first moving pictures that captured motion • 1895—Louis andAuguste Lumiere make first motion picture --Between 1900-1940 • 1914—animation created by tracing live action films, rotoscoping • 1926—first practical television system demonstrated • 1927—The Jazz Singer is first film to feature spoken dialogue in synch with movie • 1928—Walt Disney debuts Steamboat Willie, first cartoon to use synched sound • 1939—Wizard of Oz memorably shows difference between colour and black and white • 1940—Dorothy Kunhardt's Pat the Bunny is published-first book to have multimedia and interactivity --Between 1940-1993 • 1962—Telstar, first communications satellite is launched into orbit • 1969—ARPANET is established by US Department of Defence • 1971—First email sent, @ symbol to indicate address • 1983—Internet is created when TCP/IP is adopted by allARPANET users • 1991—Tim Berners Lee has finished developing WWW (http) and html and URL • 1991—Terminator 2 sets new standard for use of computer generated special effects • 1993—Mosaic, first graphical web browser is released --Between 1994-2000s • 1994—Rolling Stones become first major band to broadcast live over Internet • 1995—Disney releases Toy Story, first feature length computer generated movie: 77 minutes/4 years to make/800,000 machine hours to render • 1996—affordable digital camera become widely available • 1999—Napster debuts • 2001—Apple introduces iTunes and iPod • 2005— launches • 2006—first twitter message sent • 2007—search engine giant Google surpasses Microsoft as “most valuable global brand”, and also most visited web site Good design principles • Learn the principles • Recognize when you're not using them • Apply the principles • CRAP ◦ Contrast
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