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Computer Science 1033A/B
Vivi Tryphonopoulos

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Menus, Library and Template Items 4/25/2013 11:25:00 AM Lecture 8 Library Items  Reusable information of HTML code  paragraphs, links, tables, images navigation bars etc.  Used for individual page elements that appear frequently and may change later within a website such as: o Copyright information o Address information o Menu links o Contact Information for different groups o Announcements box  Characteristics: o May not appear on every page within a website o Same reusable info can be on the same webpage several times o Same reusable information can be on different webpages in different spots o Same reusable info on different pages within a site o Extension is .lbi (announcements.lbi)  Creating a library item: o Highlight the element in the webpage that is going to be considered the repetitive information o Create the library item – Modify > Library > Add Object to Library  Automatically creates a folder called “Library” at the root level where all library items will be stored – never move this folder or any .lbi file***  Gives the library item a yellow highlight (default) which restricts any editing it from the Document window o Insert the library item into different spots in the code via the “Insert” button in the assets panel o Modify the information from the assets panel, file panel or property panel and watch it update every instance throughout website  Advantages of Library Items: o Consistency of look and appearance of reusable/repetitive info o Ability to make global changes via the library items o Immediate update in webpages where each library item appears Templates  A common structure that most of the web pages follow  All webpages are based on this template and follow the same structure, design, appearance and styles o The only thing different is the content in certain areas o Can have two templates associated with a website, but one is easier to work with  Every webpage is tied to the master template o If a change is made to the master template, the rest of the webpages tied to it update automatically  Usually common in all webpages: o Layout: header, navigation bar (menu), footer, sidebar o CSS Styles: uses the same css stylesheets to
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