Computer Science 1033 Topic 5 Notes

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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Vivi Tryphonopolous

Website Creation and Dreamweaver Web Design  Planning and Design o Be prepared to meet a client; learn about the business as much as possible o Ask questions, listen, and discover:  Who is the audience?  What is the company image?  Will the company change focus over a year?  Logos & graphic images  Competition & Websites they like  Websites they like  Menu options  Content  Deadline  Maintainer  Bad designs: o Slow loading time o Confusing navigation (different spots, control) o Difficulty reading screen o Ugly color balance and no white space o Horizontal scroll necessary to see whole page o Spelling mistakes  Good designs: o Fast loading times o Easy to use (KISS – Keep it simple & stupid) o Continuous design on every page, with links to home page. (3 click rule!) o Effective color and contrast use o No underlining for non-link text o Accommodate lower resolutions including 800x600 o No animation or blinking text o Optimized for search engines o No spelling mistakes  Identify: o Homepage and the number of pages o Top or side menu o Drop downs under menu o Color scheme o Banner (maximum of 150 – 200 length, 800 width)  Design & Build Site o Web page: HTML computer instructions used to create web pages  Computer instructions read by browser  Cross platform; any c
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