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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Vivi Tryphonopolous

Topic 1 Multimedia  Multimedia: Use of a combination of moving and still pictures, sound, music and words, especially in technology o Any application or technology that uses any combination of:  Text  Image  Animation  Sound  Video o Once delivered onto the internet, used for entertaining, informing, educating, and business purposes.  Communications: Able to effectively communicate a message that is clear, exact, professional, and impression making o Telephone & mail o Television & radio o World Wide Web (WWW): Internet; Spreading at an extremely fast rate because:  Easiness to reach people all over the world  Fast & cheap  Directly see people while communicating  History of multimedia: o 1878: First motion picture ever recorded “The Horse in Motion” o 1914: Silent movies incorporating multiple media by using films and text caption together o 1928: Disney debuts “Steamboat Willie”, starring Mickey. The first cartoon to use synchronized sound o 1928 – 1931: Movies with sound replace silent movies o 1930s: Technicolor is introduced in film and most movies are filmed in color after 1940. o 1937: Bell Laboratories has a breakthrough in creating dual sound track on film. Fantasia is the first commercial movie with a complete sound track in 1940. o 1969: Advance Research Projects Agency Network (Arpanet) is created.  Discussion began in 1962, with the objective to build a network technology to allow researchers at various locations to communicate easily with the military.  4 locations in the American West Coast set up in 1969.  10 locations in the American East Coast set up in 1970.  The first packet switching network and the predecessor to the internet. o 1971: First e-mail sent o 1977: Apple starts to build dominate personal computer market. o 1981: IBM PC announces and captures market share in 18 months. o 1991: World Wide Web debuts (founder Tim Berners-Lee) o 1992: MS Windows 3.1 is released o 1992: HTML is released o 1993: First graphical browser Mosaic, allowing users to view images on the web (founder Marc Andreessen) o 1994: The Rolling Stones become the first major band to broadcast a live performance on the web. o 1995: Disney releases Toy Story, first feature length computer generated movie. o 1996: Affordable digital cameras become widely available o 1998: Google Search Engine debuts (Founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin) o 1999: Napster debuts, allowing users to download and share MP3. o 2001: Apple introduces iTunes and the iPod o 2005: YouTube launches. o 2007: Search engine Google surpasses Microsoft as the most valuable global brand.  First full-length movie with synchronized dialogue: The Jazz Singer  First full-length movie to use color: Wizard of Oz  Changes due to technology: o Legal issues: Copyrights, rights management, piracy, intellectual property are problems that have risen due to rapid changes in technology o New skillsets are required to be able to work with technology
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