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Comp Sci 1033 Lecture (Assignment 3)

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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1033A/B
Laura Reid

comp.sci lecture ‘assignment’ november 8 2010 Assignment - open in new window: in the Target box put _blank - anchors start with # and go in the Link box - for mad libs you should have a back to top button (maybe?) - has to be an email link somewhere (email the comp. sci department:) - highlight text, Insert>Email Link (in the link box it’ll say mailto:[email protected]) - you can use named anchors to jump to sections of pages, not just the homepage (so you can link to a specific section of a wikipedia page or something) - do this by copy/paste the link into the Link box. - Make the whole image a link: Click on image, type in the link you want it to go to in the Link box. - Make different parts of an image links to different things: Hotspots “All About Laura” link the three words to three different sites - Don’t use hotspots to make a link of a whole image (get 0, use hotspots for specific parts, not the whole thing) - always use http:// - Put “Home” “Madlibs” and “Participating Unis” on the banner; way to use the hotspot thing - Question on Exam about five dif. types of links - Use a table to lay everything out. Center it. Put the banner in the table. Table should be 780px wide and banner 780px wide. - Don’t make table a percentage. - Use cell padding or add a little extra column to prevent text from touching pictures/edges - Set the border to 0. - EXAM question on cell padding and spacing (what’s the difference?) - Layout: 3 by 7 table, merge the top row (for the banner) - split/merge - You can do directory searches where things are broken down into subjects, or use search engines like Google - Web Crawlers/Spiders make up lists of words on a webpage, makes keywords from the most ‘important words’. - looks at density of words (how many times a word comes up) - Google uses the “P
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