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Computer Science 1033A/B Lecture Notes - Filezilla, University Of Western Ontario, Gif

Computer Science
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Laura Reid

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Computer Science Lecture
- Assignment
-Colour Schemes
-Kulu (Adobe) program that’s useful when making colour
-FTP substitute is FUGU for Mac
-Indexed Colour: instead of using 10million colours, we only need to use 256
(depending on the picture; if you’re working on a forest you only need greens
and browns) It’s actually hard to tell the difference between 24bit and 8bit
colour (10million colours and 256 colours)
Advantage of Having a Server
-Connected: Computer is on all the time and connected to the internet
-Always Available
-Well maintained
-UWO Web Server is called
-It hosts our webpages
-We upload our assignments to panther in order to see them on the internet
from any machine.
-Upload using a FTP program such as FileZilla or Fugu
-Log on to Panther by selecting Secure File Transfer client and enter what it
-To make sure that people can see, right click on every folder and hit
properties, then make sure the checkmarks go in an upside down U. You
have to do this for every folder, everything in the folder, that you want
people to see.
-For Assignment 1, check the permissions in FTP
-Double Check that it worked
How many colours can you represent with a 5 bit depth?
2^5 = 32 colours
(This kind of question will be on the exam)
What’s the smallest value you should set the dpi when you print the image?
When converting analog to digital what are two things you have to do to
analog the data
Sampling and Quantizing
How big will the following image be when printed? 600 px by 900 px printed
at 300 dpi?
2 by 3 inches
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