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Lecture 7

Computer Science 1033A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Pagerank, Web Directory, Tim Berners-Lee

Computer Science
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Website Design and Searching
Assignment 3: MUST GIVE EVERY SINGLE PAGE A TITLE - lose almost 10% if you do not (for
full marks, "L.A.V.A - [page that you're on]")
Spend time on home page and have a layout, then just save as all the other pages so that you do
not have to redesign all the pages, then just paste in all the text on each individual page
You will lose marks if you do not have a subfolder called "images"
Preview sight in more than 1 browser for testing it
Always use lower case
Save all images first
If you leave items in a list as hyphens, change it to bullets or an ordered list
Make table 900 pixels
Center the table, but do not center the text
Use multiple tables close together rather than one table with multiple columns/rows with merged
Website Design
Max 25-30 seconds to load a webpage before user becomes uninterested
HTML are read by the browser to show the webpage
Tim Berners Lee created URL and HTML in 1990 - created so that you could link pages
ooriginal design was only text documents (no buttons, colours, fonts etc.)
Angle brackets (HTML tags)
<enter> for double space, <shift+enter> for single space in DREAMWEAVER
Link tag is: <a href="
Dreamweaver created so that you do not need to remember all the tags
Dreamweaver is not a word processor like MS Word
In Dreamweaver, if you scale down your picture (to use less pixels), it does not change the file
oIf you want to resize the image, do it in Photoshop
Types of Links:
oType 1 - Link to another page [ex. index.html to contactinfo.html]
oType 2 - Link to a different website [ex. index.html to]
oType 3 - Link to an email address, must use "Mailto" before the email address
oType 4 - Link on an image [ex. image that opens to a website], or use hotspot so only
some of the image is
oType 5 - Anchors link to a particular spot within a page
The "%" is used as a space in some web coding
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