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Computer Science
Computer Science 3346A/B
Tom Haffie

Shot Put Glide • Hold on base of fingers rather than palm, hold in neck under chin, thumb under, elbow out, 45 degree angle • Shoulders face back of circle, on right foot, left leg extended • Glide across, keep mass low, power on right leg bent, left leg extended to front of circle • Power position, feet should width, left arm extended and knees bent • Rotate hips to square target • Push arm up, following through with opposite arm, flick wrist Relay • 20m exchange zone preceded by 10m acceleration zone • Position of baton determines if pass is legal • Start in right hand, then exchange to left, then to right…. • Right hand, will be in left half of the lane (arms line up, no step on feet) • Receiver always facing forward • If dropped, pick up by passer? Sprint Start • Set position – hips slightly higher than shoulders, back straight, head in line with back • Arm movement at start • Don’t have hip
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