Computer Science 3346A/B Lecture Notes - Power Of A Point

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Published on 12 Apr 2013
Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 3346A/B
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Shot Put Glide
Hold on base of fingers rather than palm, hold in neck under chin, thumb under,
elbow out, 45 degree angle
Shoulders face back of circle, on right foot, left leg extended
Glide across, keep mass low, power on right leg bent, left leg extended to front of
Power position, feet should width, left arm extended and knees bent
Rotate hips to square target
Push arm up, following through with opposite arm, flick wrist
20m exchange zone preceded by 10m acceleration zone
Position of baton determines if pass is legal
Start in right hand, then exchange to left, then to right….
Right hand, will be in left half of the lane (arms line up, no step on feet)
Receiver always facing forward
If dropped, pick up by passer?
Sprint Start
Set position – hips slightly higher than shoulders, back straight, head in line with
Arm movement at start
Don’t have hips behind front foot
Don’t raise head too quickly… when head lifts, hips drop
Acceleration is push not a pull
oFirst 10m
oLean through body, head down on track
Stride – 30-60 m
oEyes to end of lane
oHead in line with spine, high and square, chin down
oShoulders held down, back not hunched
oFull extend rear leg pushing off track with toes
oHigh knees, leg action fast and light, fast arms, hands slightly higher at the
High Jump
10 step or 8 step (half straight, half arc) 10 back, 5 to right
Determine foot, fall test, kick ball
Start slow then accelerate, hit mark and turn foot slightly to middle of track
Six step, takeoff foot lands in front of non takeoff foot to continue arc, lean away
from bar, continue to accelerate, final 2 steps feet land flat on track
Takeoff before being in front of center of bar