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Lecture 9

Digital Communication 2001A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Underground Railroad, Richard Stallman, Black Twitter

Digital Communication
Course Code
DC 2001A/B
Carolyn Guertin

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Black Twitter and Social Activism
- “Free Software, Free Society” Richard Stallman
What’s the problem with the term ‘Sharing Economy”?
- The language is faulty
What is black Twitter?
- Watchdog, underground form of communication, fights mainstream media
- A diverse force for social change, loosely coordinated
- A large network of Black Twitter users
- A vehicle for conversation within the Black Diaspora
- A means of redresses the injustices of media representation and media tone deafness
- “Vindication” – a vehicle for change in the material world
- Performance and self-identification through hashtags or retweeting
- Affirmation
- Planning of events
Is Twitter the underground railroad of activism? - Feminista Jones
- tools of modern sociopolitical activism
- African-Americans have historically relied on “alternative” communication styles and
underground means to connect and build networks
- We use Twitter to disseminate and collect information to create a bigger dialogue
Black Twitter has 3 levels of connection
- Personal community in the material world
- Thematic notes and conversations on particular topics
- Connection – a meta level with conversations about social media networks and how
they’re linked
- #metoo Campaign (Tarana Burke): The power of survivors of sexual assault sharing
their stories
Twisting Words to Make ‘Sharing’ Apps Seem Selfless - Natasha Singer
- Sharing has come to denote just about any online venture that connects consumers
seeking goods and services with people willing to provide them
- way of trying to keep the focus on the people who provide the services
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