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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Crustal Deformation

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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1022A/B
Stephen R Hicock

Lecture 9 NotesCrustal Deformation y Deformation o Stress force on rocksCompressionalsqueezingTensionalstretchingShearslipping sideways o Strain results from stress y Under stress o Rocks can exceed the elastic limit before flowing ductile deformation or being fractured brittle deformation y Brittle deformation common near surface y Ductile deformation common at depth y Hard rocks quartzite slate etc usually fracture y Weaker rocks gypsum chalk etc usually flow o Time a factor y Mapping Geologic Structures y Strikeazimuth of a horizontal line on the surface of a plane o Horizontal intersects with incline o Azimuthdegree of incline from North o Always perpendicular from dip y Dipangle of inclination of the surface from horizontal o Always perpendicular fro
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