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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 - Groundwater

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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1022A/B
Stephen R Hicock

Groundwater y Distribution of Underground Water o Zone of saturation pores filled with water o Zone of aeration pores filled with air and water o Water table separates the zones y Movement of Groundwater o Porosity amount of open space in rock or sediment o Permeability how well water flows through rock or sedimentAn aquitard is impermeable y Eg shale clay y Makes good cap rock for oilgas drillingAn aquifer is permeable y Eg gravel y Flow of groundwater o Flow under gravity from high areas to low areas along curved paths y Springs o Natural outpouring of water onto the ground surface o Hot Springs where groundwater is heated by the geothermal gradient or by cooling magma o Geysers Icelandic means to gush out cyclic events where groundwater is heated in a rock pipe boils then vaporizes and erupts y Wells where humans drill into the
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