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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Charles Darwin

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Earth Sciences
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Earth Sciences 1083F/G
Cameron Tsujita

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Lecture 3Charles Darwin y Education o 1818Darwin enters Shrewsbury School o 182527Darwin at Edinburgh UniversityCould not handle sight of bloodo 182731Darwin at Christs College Cambridge UniversityPrepared for a career in the Church o 1829 summerDarwin makes an entomological tourof North Wales with Professor F W Hope Darwins interest in bugs and beetles was longstanding o 1831 April 26Darwin receives his BA degree In Spring begins planning trip to Canary Islands y Voyage o Became an unpaid naturalist on the survey ship HMS Beagle which travelled around the worldo The primary purposes of the voyage are to map and explore the southern coastline of South America and to take oceanographic measurements At this point Darwin has no formal training in science y Charles Lyell o Wrote Principles of Geology o Reinforced principle of uniformitarianism o Emphasized importance of understanding geologic time y Erasmus Darwin o Gr
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