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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 - The Origins of Life

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Earth Sciences
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Earth Sciences 1083F/G
Cameron Tsujita

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Lecture 15The Origins of Life y How Do We Classify Life o Three Domains Archaea Bacteria Eukarya y Evolution of Earths Atmosphere o 1Initial atmosphere rich in hydrogen and helium derived from solar nebulae burned off by solar wind or escaped the weak gravitational field o 2Atmosphere dominated by carbon dioxide from the earths interior The Big Burp o 3Present Atmosphere rich in oxygen modified from second atmosphere due to the rise of photosynthesizing organisms y Basic Characteristics of Living Things o Metabolism living things require energy from the environment use energy to build and maintain their bodies o Regulation living things have complex integrated systems that control conditions within their bodies o Replication living things can produce offspring o Response to external stimuli living things respond to conditions in their environment both as individuals and populations y Basic Stages in the Development of Life o Raw ingredientsmonomerspolymerscell membranereproductionliving cell o Raw ingredient
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