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Lecture 18

Lecture 18 - Evolution of Hard Parts in Metazoa & the Cambrian Explosion

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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1083F/G
Cameron Tsujita

Lecture 18Evolution of Hard Parts in Metazoathe Cambrian Explosion y Additional Comments on Ediacaran Fauna o Earliest complex metazoa were all soft bodied no skeletal tissue o All preserved as impressions o Diverse assemblages y Differentiation of Tissues o In order for differentiated tissues to have developed hox genes must have developed o Hox genes indicate that particular cells were required for specific purposes y Adolph Seilacher Concept of Vendozoa o Extinct phylum o Softbodied quilted structureFluidfilled bags o Mat stickers fixed to the seafloor photosynthesizers o Mat scratchers graved on microbial mats o Atmosphere and seas were welloxygenated by this time so metazoa had developed the means to cope with the high reactivity of oxygen y Oldest Skeletons o All phosphatic o Tommotian FaunaFirst skeletonized organismsRecords of rapid diversification of metazoa after extinction of several Edia
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