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Lecture 21 - Evolution of Amphibians

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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1083F/G
Cameron Tsujita

Lecture 21Evolution of Amphibians y Late Devonian Rhipidistrians o Lungs were developed in two groups of lobefinned fishesRhipidistians and lungfishes o Considered to be the ultimate ancestors of later land animals o Evolved land animallike features y Important Link Tooth Structure o Labyrinthodont tooth structure complexly infolded enamel common to Rhipidistian fishes and the earliest amphibians o Strongly supports a close relationship y Late Devonian Ichthyostegao Ichthyostega was a cross between a fish and an amphibianHad legs and walked True tetrapodCould live on land for extended periodsHad a special kind of skin that helped them retain bodily fluids and deter desiccationStronger skeletons allowed the primitive amphibians to live more comfortably with the minimal structural support of air on landUsed limbs for locomotion and tails for balance y Carboniferous to Permian o No
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