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Lecture 27 - Diversification of Mammals

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Earth Sciences
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Earth Sciences 1083F/G
Cameron Tsujita

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Lecture 27Diversification of Mammals Reptiles Mammals No Milk Milk Small brain case Expanded brain case Jaw contains more than bone Jaw contains only one bone Simple teeth Complex teeth One ear bone Three ear bones Continual growth Limited growth stop growing at adulthood Variable temperature Constant temperature Scales or knobby skin Hairy Pelycosaurs o Among the earliest of mammallike reptiles o Evolved from anapsids by early Permians o Retain sprawling posture o Distinguished by sail o Both carnivorous and herbivorous forms y Therapsidso Mammallike reptiles o Succeeded pelycosaurs o Diversified in the mid to late Permian o Hard hit by the endPermian mass extinction o Totally wiped out by early Cretaceous o Primitive mamm
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