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Lecture 28 - Evolution of Primates

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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1083F/G
Cameron Tsujita

Lecture 28Evolution of Primates y How and Where Did Primates Originate o Arboreal TheoryBecame primates by adapting to life in trees y Enhanced sight and depth perception y Grasping hands and feet o Visual Predation HypothesisDeveloped to facilitate capture of insects y Binocular vision y Grasping hands and feet y Reduced claws First adapted to life in the bushy forest undergrowth and low tree branches y Oldest Primates o Date to at least the Paleocene 6554 million years ago o Appeared as early as the late Cretaceous o Eocene 5438 million years ago was the epoch of prosimians with at least 60 different genera in two families o Big split into prosimians lower primates and anthropoids higher primates y Major Differences between Prosimians and Anthropoids o Anthropoid eyes are rotated more forward compared to prosimians o Ant
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