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Lecture 29 - Rise of the Hominids

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Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1083F/G
Cameron Tsujita

Lecture 29Rise of the Hominids y Emergence of Anthropoid Group from Omomyids o Oligocene 3823 million years ago anthropoids dominated over lemurs and relatives o Beginnings of the anthropoid group are traced to generalized forms such as the parapithecids y Branching Within the Anthropoids Old World Monkeys and Hominoids o Dryopithecines thought to be the common ancestor of stem group of Old World Monkeys and ApeHuman LineEg ProconsulTeeth have similarities with modern apes but postcranial skeleton is more monkeylike y Most unique of giant apes o Gigantopithecus is the largest primate that ever lived some standing over 10 feet tall and weighing 1200 pounds o Died out 400000 years ago o Coexisted with Homo erectus o Some people still think it is alive today as the yeti and bigfoot y First humanlike ancestor around 4 million years
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