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Western University
Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1086F/G
Deana Schwarz

Chapter 13: Meteorites Intro - Meteoritics – study of meteorites o Fields include cosmochem, planetology, nuclear science, radio astronomy, data from space ventures o Apollo moon program – 800 pounds of moon rock o Viking 1&2 – found that shit on Earth was rocks from Mars - 2 categories of meteorites o Find – something that you find randomly o Fall – meteorite falling to Earth was witnessed - Names for meteorites must be approved by Nomenclature Committee of Meteoritical Society (NCMS) Classification - Easiest ones: irons, stony-irons, stones (MINERAL CONTENT) o Irons – iron & nickel (siderites) o Stony-iron – 50/50 iron/nickel & silicate/oxide (siderolites) o Stones – silicate/oxide (aerolites)  Chondrites • Most interesting • From Greek word chondros (grain/seed) o Hence chondrules (little bead things) o These beads are poorly blended aggregates • classification for chondrites o classify based on chemical property and degree of alteration from heat/fluids o carbonaceous – hydrous clay, silicates, salt o other categories – ordinary, rumuruti, kakangari, enstatite • IMPORTANT: TEMPERATURE AND WATER CONTENT OF METEORITES GIVE US A TASTE OF WHAT THE PARENT METEORITES WERE LIKE • Process of clumping together is called accretion • Chondrules o How are they made?  Condensed from hot cloud of gas/dust through flash melting of dust aggregates o Carbonaceous matter  Organic matter in some chondrules  Just means building blocks for Earth out there somewhere too  Achondrites • Igneous rock – crystallized lava o If made of this: achondrites • Residual rock – material left behind o If made of this: primitive achondrites Light On - Meteors o Interplanetary dust particles – smallest meteoroids  made of sil
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