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Earth Sciences
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Earth Sciences 4415A/B
Burns Cheadle

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Sets, Cross-Sets, a beds -lamina are bounded by set boundaries -accumulation of several ripples, migrating one over another is a coset coset: effectively equivalent to a bed Current Generated Ripples f deposition rate is higher, then you can get net deposition on the soft side of a ripple. -Rapid deposition with high sedimentation rate -Climbing ripple stratification….shows at the top -The nature of the foresets are formed from avalanches. The form of those foresets is different in different samples. -Velocity and bed shear stress control the shape and slope of foreset laminae. -The ratio of depth of stream flow to the depth of the basin[depth ratio] also controls shape and slope. -Dunes: have a wavelength of 1-10m, ripple index similar to that of ripples -just a different scale of bedform than ripples -a different scale of nature -Dunes are entirely different entities than dunes -Distinguishing between ripple formation and dune formation is done by experimentation -A physical theory comprehensively explains what happens. -Tidal dunes are a type of dune, about 1m high and 10m long, it is a type of subaqueous dune. -2D dunes create planar CB, 3D dunes create trough CB Bedform stability diagram -Lower flow velocities on the bedform
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