Lecture 7 - Concept Generations and Creativity Techniques Creativity and various techniques to use.

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Published on 16 Oct 2011
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Engineering Science 1050
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Concept Generation and Creativity Techniques
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Question to Ponder on!
Which of the following problem definition statements has the most potential to lead to an
innovative design solution for having appropriate lawn height
o Reduce fuel consumption of lawn mower
o Design a better lawn mower
o Design an inexpensive lawn mower
o Design a better way for controlling lawn height
o Design an environmentally friendly lawn mower
Proposing unique innovative, practical solutions to engineering problems
Design is an iterative process
Creative Techniques
Paradigm shift
o Think outside the box
o Switch perspective
o Revers perspective
o Merge multiple perspectives
180 degree thinking
o Reverse traditional assumptions
o Get away from habit-bound thinking
o Produce a grocery bag of ideas
o More useful for specific problems rather than general problems
o Can be done individually but better in a group
Mind mapping
o Used to organize your thinking visually
o Also called spider diagrams
o It may be appropriate to crosslink ideas to several items
o Bring a random word into the problem
o Think of things associated with the random word
o Force connections between the random word
o List all your ideas