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Western University
English 1024E
Bob Larose

“Knowledge is power" is a very significant and famous philosophical quotation expressed by French philosopher and poststructuralist Michel Foucault. This quote reveals that if an individual has the presence of knowledge that same individual also has the presence of power. Knowledge is the information and skills acquired through experience or education. Therefore, if an individual has an education they also have power. Education in modern society is completely based on power. Assumed by this is the implication that if one does not have an education, they also lack power. This is evidently displayed in the essay “The Good Life” by Bertrand Russell. “The Good Life” is a very powerful reflection of how all you need to live a good life is an education. Therefore, this essay I will discuss how Foucault’s logical correlation between knowledge and power is applied to Russell’s essay “The Good Life”. In “The Good Life” by Bertrand Russell, he states his views on the good life and discusses what he thinks are the perfect ingredients for an individual to achieve the good life. On the bottom of page 2 of the essay Russell states “When I speak of knowledge as an ingredient of the good life, I am not thinking of ethical knowledge but of scientific knowledge and knowledge of particular facts.” In this quotation, Russell is saying that one of the components to living a good life is having knowledge of science and particular facts. As I stated earlier, knowledge is the information and skills acquired through experience or education. As a result, to get a good knowledge and understanding of science, one would need to go to school and get an academic education and eventually go to univ
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