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Pride and Prejudice

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English 1027F/G
Tim De Jong

Marriage is different than today society - material reality - might be the thing that saves you from poverty - not for love - battle between the head and the heart - Elizabeth and Charlotte contrast - status quo- marry because you have to - Elizabeth does it to be close intellectually and spiritually - Charlotte page 94 (middle) - has no affection - her reflections were in general, satisfactory..... from want - mimetic - not simply representing life as Austin knew it - causes us to think about marriage more carefully Page 29- Elizabeth - you must... - “I never saw such a woman... - suggests that she is very - spirited, vocal, practical, balanced between being a romantic and a realist and independent (the only one in a social circle that stands out and doesn’t mind doing so. She sometimes goes against others just see see what they would say/how they would respond) - famous scene page 23 and 26 - visiting her sister that is ill - gets dirty in the rain and mud to see her s
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