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English 1027F/G
Tim De Jong

Short story Ratiocination: reasoning detective fiction didn’t happen - one of the first of its kind - setting in a genre of fiction (detective fiction) Detective Fiction: - mystery to be solved (exposed to a problem) - something we don’t know - sidekick (tells the story) - tension/ plot device - figure of authority that cant solve the problem (police officer) - convention of setting - reader is trying to solve the mystery with the detective - clues are being dropped in the story that only become important when the solution is exposed - always a crime- mystery is there because someone has done something wrong - reminder that evil is out there and moral order needs to be restored - the world is not perfect - it CAN be fixed - the crime is solved - justice restored - emphasis on the psychology of the criminal - motive - theres never a complete change is society - just a reversion - “state of grace” - theres still crime but theres one less criminal in the world - strive for moral goodness Romanticism▯ - imagination +▯ ▯ Positivism ▯▯ - scientific knowledge is the only knowledge that really matters These two can work together to create maximum knowledge mirroring technique - everything he sees is evidence - solves his crimes by reducing human emotions
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