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English 1028F/G
Gabrielle Ceraldi

Brave New World- Aldous Huxley 3/19/2013 6:32:00 AM  Character and setting are linked  Ppl have what to do with where they are and when they are  “a squat grey building of only 34 stories” (1) o world of skyscrapers o urban environment o dystopian novels fall between:  post apocalyptic- civilization broken down  social order gone to opposite extreme- too orderly (Brave New World)  popn 2 billion ppl – written in 30s  living in an urban environment bc of social norms, keeping behavior between what is considered normal- interacting with other ppl keeps people on track with normal behavior o less personal relationships o want people to have many shallow relationships  “world state’s motto: community, identity and stability” o community=conformity  babies being decanted from bottles o lower cast members in society inflict brain damage- emerged in alcohol to produce lower intelligence o “Epsiolon body was not fit to work till 18. Long years of superfluous and wasted immaturity. If the physical development could be speeded up till it was quick, saw as a cow’s, what an enormous saving to the Community” (11)  Seen against human rights- what is good for the community as a whole not the individual  “everybody belongs to everybody else” o no intimate, personal relationships, no sense of family o no human being can be owned by anybody else o “mechanically the mother brooded over he children (her children)” (31). o Like Jane Eyre- she owns herself, doesn’t want to be Rochester’s mistress  What do they mean by identity o Alpha, Gama, Beta- identified by colours o Clicks o Use
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