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English 2033E

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Problems of boarding school environment especially bullyingStart at Harry contemplating his future at Stone Wall High a local comprehensive school unlike Dudley who is going to be sent to a posh schoolHogwarts is a escape from the bullying he has endured from DudleyBullyingSystem of PowerHarry realizes Dumbledore has been watching him one night when Harry has been visiting the magic mirrorHigher archy of powerteachers are in charge prefects are respectable who dont use magical and physical power against the younger studentsPercy Weasley thinks it very important to have adult approvalHouse vs House family atmosphere Draco who picks on people Slytherine acts as a bully containment systemRon and other Gryffindor can escape from the bullies as they have a password protects common roomPoint systemwant to honor it if you lose points it is shameful150 pts they lose after helping Hagrid get rid of the dragonvery competitive interested in winning the house cup not just about winning about making Slytherin not winFamilyLineageAcceptanceFor Harry not about leaving his family Hogwarts is his home away from homeReal world isnt the safe comforting setting we usually see the magical world is his homeRon and Hermoine are his first real friends hes really ever hadalways been a targetHarry has always been someone who looks different but in the wizarding world everyone is kind of weirdOdd is the new normal at HogwartsHarry connects with his peers a lot moreHarry feels connected to his blood relativesHagris comes barreling through the door of the cottage and says you look a lot like your dad but you have your moms eyesHarry has never seen a picture of his parents has never met themincredible for Harry to talk to someone who knew his parents and who is willing to talk to him about themHogwarts is a way to get away from the lies and closer to the truthsFind himselfsuddenly finds out who he isFamily is a place where you are not only comfortable and safe but people also know who you areSmall town where everyone knows everyone especially everyone knows Harrypeople know a lot about himFeels valued becomes the Seeker which was the same position as his fathergetting to know his father is about being like him playing Quiddich being a
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