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English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

English 2033 – Feb. 28, 2013 Children: naivety, naturalness, generosity, innocence, honest, selfless  They naively misinterpret the situations happening around them  They think that some adults simply give away money because they like to help people  Ex. This would be when the children believe that the Indian uncle is a native American  They are very upfront about earning money; they are very blatant about it  Even though the children want money, if they see someone else who is in need of money more than them, they would generously give away money  Nesbit make the children have real life characteristics by having moments of selfishness, mean, and then also honest and good  Children make the dog sick in order to get money but they still feel bad for doing this which demonstrate their innocence  Children are not able to place people in the different social class, but it is very important to them to stay in the upper social class Adults: knowledge, artifice, greed, corruption  Adults pretend to be people who they are not; the party that the father threw for the Indian Uncle and he decided to borrow silver form the neighbors to impress him  The father goes the wrong way to ask for money from the Uncle because he deceives the Uncle when he calls him for a casual dinner but it turns out to be for an investment Princess & Lord Tottenham = nobility  Children are able to interact perfectly as long as there are no adults  Children are aware of social class because they feel insulted when they are called common  During the interaction, each child believes that they are the same social class as one another  This is because adults are no there to present discrimination among the children regarding social class  Due to this, the children are able to have lots of fun while playing this game without the adults Indian Uncle & Mrs. Leslie = gentry Bastables  They had money before, but n
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