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Western University
English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

English 2033 – Mar. 5  Realism: Plausible events in a realistic setting; that is what E. Nesbit demonstrated in the Treasure Seekers Harriet The Spy - Harriet’s personal traits: brutal honesty, harsh - Harriet is very cynical  always looking for faults in people or situations - She is very mean and judgmental; there could be an argument made that she is not actually mean because she does not walk up to people and tell them their faults  She keeps the notes to herself and it is not meant for other people  She is not trying to make herself feel better but bewildering others  She just thinks she is just being honest and true in his writing; but the readers are able to pick out that she has a keen eye for spotting the negatives in people - She spies: her motive for spying is to simply know about everything and everyone; she is preparing herself for her career in writing - She believes that she is not taken seriously but if she becomes a spy, people around her will have to take her seriously - The idea of children being angry and violent; they come up of fantasy roles that allow them to feel powerful - Harriet has her own daily routine  Where does this routine come from?  OCD maybe?  People will use this routine to alleviate some anxiety  She might be anxious could be due to the lack of a good relationship between her and her parents (parental neglect); the parents are very busy and the servants take care of Harriet - Harriet likes to hear from her mother to drin
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