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Western University
English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

English 2033 – Mar. 7, 2013  No childhood innocence is portrayed in Harriet’s The Spy  Adults are absent in the novel  Sport does all the cooking and cleaning and controls the money budget  He has been forced into the adult’s role  His father fails to fulfill his parenting duties  Sport is missing out on his childhood because he is worried about keeping the house running  Sport’s father is not evil because him and Sport do share a loving bond but he is simply not good at being a parent  The father is atleast trying to accomplish something but Sport’s mother is simply not present  Harriet’s parents  Even though Harriet’s parents are still married and live in the same house as each other but they are simply not giving attention to Harriet  Her parent’s are very cliché  cliché parenting  Her parents are not able to recognize what Harriet is going through when she loses Ole Golle  Her dad still believes that his life should not be bothered by Harriet even when Ole Golle is gone  The apple does not fall far from the tree  Harriet’s dad also has a routine when he comes back from work (peace, quiet, martini)  Her dad is someone whom she could talk to if the father is willing to put the effort, but it is very evident that he is not  The mother is an exaggerated version of Mrs. Plummer; she lives an upper class Manhattan life; her time is diverted to meaningless pursuit  She dresses to show off a professional identity; she does not want to look like her mother (she will never do mud packs like her mother)  Robinson’s  They buy things and have people over to look at the things (materialistic life
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