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English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

English 2033 – Mar. 12, 2013 Dystopia fiction: It leads back to Utopia back in 1515 (an ideal society)  Dystopia is the opposite of an ideal society  Possibly leads to chaos: loss of law & order, humanity, anarchy  There could also be excess order; loss of human freedom  Our current world would be somewhere between chaos and loss of human freedom  The Giver  The world in the Giver has been emerged from our own  The word “Community” sounds a little odd to refer to the place the characters live  Shows that there are separation among the different communities  Most people within the community do not visit the other community  Community is more important than the individual  “Rules” instead of using the word “Law”; disobeying the rules equal capital punishment  Rules is more child based, while laws are adult based  Rules has a way of controlling many aspects of life instead of the bare minimum  There is a mixture of dystopian and utopian aspects  Assignments as jobs that you will have for the rest of the life  The parents do not have their own children; they are issued to them (2 max: boy & girl)  Similar situation to finding a life partner (could be seen as a working relationship)  In a way, this is an advantage because there is no unemployment, no stress to find a life partner and no indecision to how many children one would like to have  Nobody is left behind because everyone is given an “assignment”; and the assignment is based on aptitudes and interests  This society offers total security because everyone enjoys the assignment and no one ever gets fired  There are no individuals where their abilities are wasted  These working relationships are very stable and the purpose is to take care of the new born children and make sure they grow up to be adults that would benefit the community  There
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