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Western University
English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

English 2033 – Mar. 14, 2013  Giver is a blend of utopian and dystopian aspects This society had solved the environmental problem - The people in the community are not materialistic - The community has been getting rid of aspects - That world has no colour  It diminishes creativity  The world in general has no creativity  World without creativity would allow the people be controlled emotionally  No creativity prevents individuals to question their world and goals  Gets rid of choices; fundamentally removed choices - The world has also gotten rid of history  Only the Giver has any knowledge of history  No comparison can be made to previous life if there is no history  However, only one person has all the knowledge to avoid the situation where those who do not know history are destined to repeat it  Jonas’ thinking is very narrow because he does not know or think about things such as the past - There are rehabilitation centers but no centers for creativity/imagination - The world love is replaced with lesser intense word - There should be no exaggeration with what you mean: precision in their language is required in the community - There is a distinction between following the rules and doing what is right -
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