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Western University
English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

English 2033 – March 19, 2013  Hunger Games Distopian fiction: how does the society maintain control? - Pan Am is not a fun time  People in the district are not particularly happy - Force and intimidation is used to keep district people in line - Katniss ventures out into the wilderness for food - Administration of resources is not equally divided  Unwise - Lot of people from District 12 would not be so resentful if they had enough resources to feed their family - District 12 have to rely on the Capital for food - District 11 is the food developing district  since they have access to food, they can still provide if they cut off the connections to the Capital - District 11 have to be kept line because they actually have resources unlike District 12 who heavily relies on the Capital for food  Capital Control - Katniss need to be careful about what she says - Even in the wilderness, the natural world can report back to the Capital - They have very much control over the Hunger Games, but they still have memories of the rebellion of the Districts 74 years ago  Unlike the Giver where all rebellious behaviour memories are kept within only one individual rather than the entire society - There is no electricity on the electrical fence on the borders of District 12 because Capital does not believe District 12 is capable of rebellion - Gale has been handled very well by the Capital because he does illegal activities (leaving the District into the forest) but the activity needs to be possible as well  by doing this, he is able to alleviate his anger towards the Capital - Capital has all the power, weapons but poor government control - The Hunger Games is a poor method of government control  The speech wounds all the parents of the district because they are unable to protect their children from the Capital  Also shows the power of the Capital - When Katniss purposely volunteers, she rejects the notion of the Capital by making everyone feel guilty of not volunteering for Hunger Games  She challenges the Capital’s methods  District 12 problems - They are not trained well from the beginning - The training they receive in the District are not able to be transformed to have a positive effect in the Hunger Games - District 12 is not the biggest district and also contains a very small population  Chances of someone being selected that is known is very high unlike the other districts -
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