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English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

English 2033 – March 21, 2013  Katniss Moral Character - Victor, but has not lost her moral character - When Rue’s dies, Katniss was still able keep her moral because the Capitol wants the tributes to blame other tributes for the deaths of the tributes instead of the Capitol itself - The song Katniss sings to Rue when she dies, it is evident that she loves Rue; it is not only that Rue reminds her of her sister; but Prim has everyone back in District 12 to love her, Rue has no one - These hunger games were created to turn the district against each other, but Katniss’ moral character interfered with that system - Katniss’ relationship with Rue is powerful due to the nature of the Hunger Games - Katniss’ first radical act sets the basis for the following radical acts - Odds are always in the favour of the Capitol but in these hunger games, the odds are turned against the Capitol because of Katniss’ radical acts  Katniss’ smart - She bought the goat because it is capable of paying for itself - She gave the goat as a gift to her sister - She wants to think about herself as smart and powerful and not about emotions - She also acts on impulse few times; she can act and behave instantaneously without thinking through it - Before going into the Hunger Games, her plan was to not get attached or form alliances in the Games because everyone is going to die and forming bonds is counter-productive - However, she does befriend Rue, so you can tell that even she does not know how she will act or behave - Katniss’ outerself does not match her inner self - Moment of hesitation only occurs when the readers question if Katniss’ actions are right or wrong  Only one victor
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