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The Dream of the Rood

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English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

th Major British Authors – Sept 26 , 2013 The Dream of the Rood *Hanji Lee is my marker - Don’t know who wrote it or when - Rood means cross  often called “tree” in the poem - Dreamer’s isolation and melancholy characteristic of exiled Anglo-Saxons - “Christ and the Rood both act in keeping with, and diametrically opposed to, a code of heroic action: Christ is both heroic in mounting and passive in suffering on the Rood, while the Rood is loyal to its lord, yet must participate in his death” (Norton p.33). - Themes of transformation, change, the individual’s progress - Beowulf doesn’t really change in his poem – consistent in his courage and his pursuit of glory - Most of our experience in literature is of stories of a character’s change/growth - Who is transformed in this poem?  The Rood(both literal and psychological/spiritual), the dreamer, Christ, the reader/listener (potential journey) - Persona: (Latin “sound through”) originally the mask worn in the Roman theater to magnify an actor’s voice; in literary discourse persona (plural personae) refers to the narrator or speaker of a text, whose voice is coherent and whose person need have no relation to the person of the actual author of a text - Personification or Prosopopoeia (Greek “person making”) a figure of thought. The attribution of human qualities to nonhuman forces or objects - The cross is personified in the poem - It is important to distinguish the persona from the author in the poem - Speaker at beginning described in sorrowful/sinful/exiled state and is attempting to move to a state of redemption - The cross moves from humiliation/suffering to a position of strength/glory - A journey from metaphorical death to life - Poem begins with dreamer addressing the reader in the first line (relationship of a guid
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