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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

th Children’s Lit – Nov 5 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - Nonsense - Satire of kinds of things adults force children to read – educational & moralistic lit - Page 19 – parody of a common poem children would know – “Little Busy Bee” -Wasted time is a since, bee reflects a kind of socialization - Alice identified with cats - Humans are a predatory animal - Alice is more powerful than she realizes - Parody of “Father William” poem on pages 43-44 - Undermining original moral that children can look to their elders for answers & examples of good behaviour, and that you must always respect your elders - Page 13 – We know that Alice has read cautionary tales - But this knowledge/these rules will not apply in Wonderland - Alice will have to begin thinking for herself - Cautionary tales’ use of punishment as a method for social control embodied in the Queen of Hearts - Extreme, empty threat (no one is ever actually beheaded), thoughtless, mundane, loss of credibility - Reflects over-the-top authoritarian kind of parenting – loss of respect - Griffin laughing at Queen, cards using deception, duchess rebelling - Alice’s conversation with the duchess reflects a kind of child-adult interaction where the adult must draw teachable
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