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Little House on the Prairie

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English 2033E
Gabrielle Ceraldi

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th Children’s Lit – Jan 28 Little House on the Prairie - Isolation – they’re leaving behind everyone they know, as well as civilized human contact - Not ordinary 1870s life – they enter into a new, unique situation - Pa has a connection to nature in his love of wilderness and wild animals - Like an animal, he will also flee when it becomes too crowded - For Pa, this move is about preference of lifestyle (hunting, open space, adventure) - Most people who settled in the west did so for financial purposes - Decision to move could be seen as selfish on Pa’s part - It’s what he wants for himself, but is it necessarily the best thing for the children and Ma? - Laura and Mary’s social development affected by their lack of social interaction - Cultural divide – Ma wants them to adhere to the social norms of the community that they left behind - Must be different from the Indians - Laura looks longingly to the Indians - They have a community while she is isolated - Inadequate nutrition – salted meat and cornbread, few vegetables, no milk until they get a cow - Pa’s job as man of the family is protector - Laura admires him for his wisdom and courage and feels safer when he is around - However, the physical danger they are facing is due to his decision to move out west in the first place - Laura is similar to Pa because she al
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