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English 2033E

Nursery Rhymes - Old McDonald talks about McDonalds the restaurant - A lot telling kids what to do - “The Mystery Man” - revised versions, itsy-bitsy spider, not itty-bitty spider - more to the nursery rhymes than what we may have been taught - most are very recognizable - short, memorable, usually rhyme and easy to grasp by the audience, their function very clear. - Encompass a lot of different kinds of genres  diverse in character - Repetition, another kind of spoken story - A lot have their routes, like fairy tales, and may not have originally be meant for children - Important to get a handle on them. Mother Goose - collected under this name - generally depicted as a wise old woman, grandmother like and attached to a goose - various explanations as to who Mother Goose is  some suggest she was originally Shar Lemain, or a woman from Boston, Elizabeth Goose Origination of Fairytales - become part of our cultural folklore - gesture during the fact that we don’t know who wrote most of these nursery rhymes, so they are lumped under this one figure - we can sometimes pinpoint when a nursery rhyme first originated - most of the versus have escaped their original authors, because they are so memorable, they get passed down orally and lose touch with their original moment of creation - some of the rhymes and prayer like, games, jokes, drinking songs, things from plays and folk theatre - tells us something about the culture in which they originated  ex. “Down to the market to buy a fat pig” is talking about a rural area. - Some originated as street rhymes, things that vendors would yell out to lure customers in (ex. Hot Cross Buns) - Warning, or commands directed at children - Tones and themes, some even intent at being creepy or violent (ex. Three Blind Mice)  the older the fairy tale, the more violent it tends to be - Most are very absurd, do not try to find a lot of logic in fairytales, not really any logical order - They may have made sense at on
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