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English 2033E

ENGLISH 204F/G/2230F/G The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with a number of poems and poets in English, and through close reading to nurture an appreciation of poetry and, at the same time, equip students with both the concepts and percepts needed for formal analysis of poetry. The following list constitutes a working vocabulary for such analysis. Students should be able (1) to understand and define these terms; (2) to recognize instances as they occur in poems; and (3) to use these terms idiomatically in oral or written discussion of particular poems. narrative (epic) iambic (iamb) villanelle dramatic trochaic (trochee) sestina lyric anapestic (anapest) limerick didactic dactylic (dactyl) spondaic (spondee) prose poem genre pyrrhic shaped poem topic accented syllable concrete poem convention unaccented (slack, weak) syllable paraphrasable content duple meters elegy triple meters trope ode figurative language satire caesura metaphor epigram end-stopped simile pastoral enjambment submerged metaphor dramatic monologue feminine ending mixed metaphor verse epistle masculine ending dead metaphor occasional poem conceit blank verse synecdoche persona (speaker) heroic (closed) couplets metonymy tone (voice) open couplets personification alexandrine antonomasia image fourteeners allegory symbol alliteration parado
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