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The Country North of Bellville - Al Purdy

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English 2060E

THE COUNTRY NORTH OF BELLVILLE sky — they are like cities under water and BY AL PURDY the undulating green waves of time are laid on them — Bush land scrub land — Cashel Township and Wollaston This is the country of our defeat and Elvezir McClure and Dungannon yet green lands of Weslemkoon Lake where a man might have some during the fall plowing a man might stop and stand in a brown valley of opinion of what beauty the furrows is and none deny him for miles — and shade his eyes to watch for the same red patch mixed with gold that appears on the same Yet this is the country of defeat where Sisyphus rolls a big stone spot in the hills year after year up the ancient hills year after year and grow old picnicking glaciers have left strewn with centuries' rubble plowing and plowing a ten acre field until days in the sun the convolutions run parallel with his own brain — when realization seeps slow in the mid without grandeur or self deception in noble struggle And this is a country where the young
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