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Lecture 44

English 2310E Lecture 44: Global Literature Lecture 44 - Apr 4

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English 2310E
Taiwo Osinubi

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Global Literature Lecture 44 Exam Review - Four different perspectives of the colonial encounters: • Commonwealth/New Literatures in English, Postcolonial, Global - However, at Chimamanda Adichie’s “The Headstrong Historian”, the perspective shifted: the theme of marginalized groups within postcolonial communities gained recognition. As well as legacies, afterlives, and debris. - End of the 20th century transformations in subjugation. • Theme of women/gender. Very big theme in transformations. - Gender, colonial violence, and response — the varieties of colonial experiences. - Economic and cultural imperialism. - Discourse/Counter-discourse - All themes are transformed in perspective throughout the course. - IMPORTANT THEMES: • Commonwealth/New Literatures in English • Postcoloniality • Globalization • Marginalized groups • Legacies • Afterlives • Debris • Gender/Queer • Colonial violence + response • Economic and cultural imperialism • Subjugation 1 Tuesday, April 4, 2017 • Shortcoming of decolonization • Liberation • Diasporas and migration - Movement is part of the colonial experience: moving from land to land and colonizing these lands. | Yolland, Lancey in Brian Friel’s “Translations.” - Slaves being transported between lands. • Abam destroyed: these men sit down and talk about “the white man taking slaves away.” - Until they were threatened by colonial violence, they need not think of violence that enraptures the slaves. - Yes, Abam is a marginalized group, but their marginalization is normalized. - Vandana Singh, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Ping Chin Woon, Dany Lefferriere, Derek Walcottare all diasporic writers. • Colonial experiences - The Woman who thought she was a Planet demonstrates the multiplicity of colonial experience in the same setting. For example, “Hunger” focuses an apartment building
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