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English 3115E

Discuss the relationship between any one Middle English text and its source. How has the source been transformed? Does knowledge of the source alter meaning? What is the relationship between the narrator and his authorities? The relationship between Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale and Petrarch’s “Story of Griselda” is close, however, there are many differences among similarities. -the main difference between the two tales is the view the audience gets of Walter -overall, in Chaucer’s version, Walter is a lot softer and kinder than Petrarch’s -Chaucer’s Walter asks only that the bride to be doesn’t voice it when she dis- agrees with her, he never says that she cannot disagree though, just that she doesn’t say anything -Petrarch’s Walter asks that not only does she pretend as if she agrees with ev- erything, but he wants her to actually agree. This is essentially completely changing her way of thinking and making it parallel to his -there is also a difference in the way that the woman reacts to Walter’s proposal -Chaucer attempts to make Walter more divine to go along with his theme of Walter playing God in this work -the bride to be quakes with dread when Walter asks her to marry him, this hows that he is an intimidating figure, a very powerful person -Petrarch’s bride to be trembles with excitement instead, a happier occasion -just like how Walter is somewhat kinder in Chaucer’s, Griselda is more giving, she of- fers to do stuff that Walter didn’t even ask for -she gives him her freedom of thought when he had never asked to have it -Chaucer sometimes writes the exact same idea that Petrarch had, just switches up the words
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